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Marketing and advertising services that are extremely innovative and creative characterise modern marketing. Performance-based marketing is one of the most cutting-edge advertising strategies. It is a sort of interactive advertising in which the price of an advertisement depends on a set of predetermined metrics, such as reach, engagement, lead generation, and sales.

Per4mance Guru is one of the best performance marketing agencies that help you create viral and fully optimised content that connects you with your targeted audience. We creatively spread your brand awareness by opting for various performance marketing tactics.

Our team of highly inventive performance-based marketing specialists ensures that your campaigns generate real financial gains. We uphold the best performance standards in the market with pay-per-action, pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, pay-per-conversion and many more.


Analysing the Consumer

We determine the target market with the best marketing websites, channels, and networks that can be identified through customer acquisition strategy and the online behaviour of potential and existing customers. This phase is important as it determines how effectively you can target your audience.

Optimising the Marketing Strategy

After determining the target audience, we implement an in-depth customer acquisition strategy that includes advertisement frequency, target market, and many other factors. We create innovative creatives that work as a deciding factor in whether your potential customer is engaged and influenced or not.

Optimising the Landing Page

We make certain that your landing page is highly relevant and engaging to convert your potential customer into a potential lead. We develop a clearly stated call-to-action and highlighted landing page.

Follow Up

Lastly, we make sure that the ongoing campaign is performing up to the requisite standards. We carefully analyse paid marketing ad data and make immediate improvements for future growth.


Paid marketing is currently popular, so you place your ads on a specific channel and are paid based on how well they perform. There are now several payment options for getting ROAS (Return on ad spend) through performance marketing:

Cost per Click (CPC): Here you are compensated according to how frequently your ads are clicked. This is one of the most effective methods for increasing website traffic.

Cost Per Impression (CPM): Impressions are the views you get from your advertisement. Therefore, CPM is among the best methods used by various marketing agencies.

CPS (Cost Per Sale): With CPS, you only pay when an advertisement results in a sale. The use of this approach is also widespread in e-commerce branding and affiliate marketing.

Cost per lead (CPL): Similar to cost per sale, CPL pays you when someone registers for a webinar or email newsletter. CPL produces leads so you can contact clients and increase sales.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Under Cost Per Acquisition, you only get paid when customers do a certain action (which could include making a sale, sharing their contact information, visiting your blog, etc.). Therefore, with a good customer acquisition strategy you can generate a good ROAS.


It was great working with Pg team. They know what they do which helped us reach our marketing goals within the first two months for our company.

RamanDeep Singh Director , Blue Heaven Cosmetics

I would like to thank you Per4mance Guru Team who have done good work on the Amcee Bakes project. I have been seeing constant increase in my revenue on a weekly basis. I appreciate your hard work and dedication toward this project

Kritika Singh Amcee Bakes

You guys are SUPER!! I have been very impressed by the work you guys have put in for Summit Careers. I have tripled my leads in the last month, all thanks to you!

Karan Lohan Founder , Summit Careers