A Step-by-Step Guide on how we achieved sales of 33+ lacs with an ad spends of 3.8 lacs per month ??

??Created a custom audience

Although I’m a big fan of going Broad, every account is different.

For this account we created specific LLA of Customers who were already interested in the brand and had reached to deeper level of funnels- say 95%VV, ATC, purchasers and IC.

??Created Top-of-Funnel Facebook Ads to Raise Brand Recognition

Campaigns should begin at the very top of the funnel. The biggest mistake made by new advertisers is targeting consumers who have never heard of their brand or product before (cold audiences).

You shouldn’t come across as a pushy salesperson, but rather as someone who takes the time to warm up their target audiences with engaging content.

We ran engagement and traffic campaigns with a low 10% budget allocation to this setup

??Promoted social proof campaigns in the Middle of the Funnel stage

Now that people already knew about the brand, it was time to reiterate how strong the brand was and how it was impacting its existing customers.

A collection of UGCs, unboxing and social testimonials was run in this phase.

??Targeting BOF with DPAs

When customers have seen your products, it’s time to launch a bottom-of-the-funnel campaign to convince them to buy.

We used a Facebook product catalog that ran dynamic ads.

These ads are highly effective because they can target customers with promotions for products they have already viewed on your site.

??Constructed Remarketing Efforts to Drive New Product Sales and Existing Client Reorders

Even though you’ve finished building out your funnel, you shouldn’t ignore your customers who have already made a purchase. You can expect the most loyalty from them.

We made retention campaigns on Facebook, Email, and Whatsapp to help these customers reorder with aggressive loyalty bonuses.

Bonus??: Creatives are HIGHLY IMPORTANT

Keep in mind that consumers’ attention spans are finite and that you’ll need to consistently produce new content to maintain yours.

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